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Saturday, April 10, 2010

DWI At the Workplace- The Carlsberg Beer Dilemma

Do you think your job has perks? If you work in retail, you get a discount. If you work in a restaurant, you don't have to worry about where your next meal comes from. An airline employee gets to fly for pennies. If you work for Carlsberg Beer in Denmark, you get to throw back a few in the factory.

Carlsberg workers and their union are fighting back against the company's decision to limit workers to three pint size plastic cups of beer during lunch. According to the Wall Street Journal article, an employee was quoted as saying "We need to keep our beer. I need a beer when I take a cigarette break." Employees are firm that people are not drunk while working on the factory line- "There is sometimes some whistling and singing, but that is not connected to the drinking."

A Carlsberg forklift operator believes it doesn't affect job performance:
"If you drink three beers at lunch, that will affect your job performance. It is better to space out your beers, one for each of the three breaks."
Drink Responsibly- Don't Drink and Drive. Work Responsibly- Don't Drink on the Beer Line. By the way, Carlsberg's 600 beer trucks are equipped with ignition interlock devices to detect the drivers alcohol concentration. If the device detects excessive alcohol, the truck won't start.

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