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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gaston County DWI/DUI Checkpoints- A St. Patrick's Day Celebration

For those of you who celebrate the Irish and are looking forward to St Patrick's Day- celebrate with caution in Mecklenburg and Gaston County. According to the Charlotte Observer, the Gaston County Police Department is in the middle of an eight day crackdown of DWI/DUI drivers and unlicensed drivers in Gaston County. The checkpoints started Friday night and will continue through the week.

As a former prosecutor and now criminal defense attorney in North Carolina, I can unequivocally state that having a designated driver or a cab company's phone number programmed into your cell phone is the best option. Do not depend on the luck of the Irish to get you home this week. The cab fare of $50 may seem a bit steep at the time, but the costs of a DWI are much higher. If you go the designated driver route, some bars such as Freeman's Pub on main street in Gastonia are offering free appetizers and non alcoholic drinks to designated drivers.

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