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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Police Questioning- Is That A Skink In Your Pants?

Confused over what you can and cannot bring on your next plane trip? This news goes a bit beyond the 4 ounce plastic bag rule requirements when you go through airport security. MSNBC reported the story about a German man who was caught by officials when he attempted to smuggle 44 small lizards, (hidden in his underwear, while boarding an international flight in New Zealand. Somehow New Zealand wildlife officials managed to find 44 geckos and skinks (a lizard with no neck and small legs) in a handmade sewn package concealed in his underwear. By the way, lizards and skinks do bite....

Calling the case the most "serious case of its kind detected in New Zealand for a decade or more", Department of Conservation prosecutor sought a deterrent sentence. The judge sentenced the defendant to 14 weeks in jail and a $3450 fine.


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