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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Larceny? Possession Stolen Goods? An Armored Truck & The $100,000 Question

A criminal defense attorney will often get asked "Is it illegal if a person...". My answer to this question usually goes something like this "If you feel the need to ask a criminal lawyer, you probably shouldn't do it".

Here is the hypothetical- you are driving down the street and suddenly bags of money are flying across the road- yours to keep? Finders Keepers? Well, back to my original question, may not necessarily be a good idea. MSNBC reported today that $100,000 went missing today after a bag of money fell from an armored vehicle in Columbus, Ohio. 911 callers told dispatchers that pandemonium broke out with people grabbing $20 bills. $12,000 has been returned but the rest is still unaccounted for.

Is this a crime? Larceny? Possession of Stolen Goods? Police are investigating the matter and told reporters that finding a $5 bill on the street is much different than finding marked bills laying in the middle of an intersection with bank bags around it. They also stated those who do not return the money could face grand theft charges. A similar charge to grand theft in North Carolina is felonious larceny or possession of stolen goods.

When asked how $100,000 fell out of an armored truck- the police stated that was the $100,000 question.

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