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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Advocating For Your Client

I previously wrote a post about defense attorneys being the most unpopular person in the room. A defense attorney has to be comfortable with that. Their job is to advocate for their client. The cold stares in the courtroom must be disregarded. Your client is your priority.

I represented a man earlier this week in a 50b restraining/protective order civil hearing. A women was accusing my client of acts of violence that would entitle her to a protective order. These are serious allegations. Not only does a protective order get placed in a national registry, but the judge can order the defendant to enroll and complete a batterers treatment  program, award attorneys fees and even structure child visitation if they are related to the case. We had a strong case with good evidence to rebut her claims.  The judge refused to grant the women's request and the case was dismissed. My client was happy. Others in the courtroom were not.

Later in the week I was back in criminal court with a different client. My client was accused of assaulting a police officer at the jail. I felt the video exonerated my client. The judge found her not guilty of the assault on the police officer. As far as being the most unpopular person in the room;  police officers in Mecklenburg County are subpoenaed twice a month for cases they have worked on. They come to court on their court day and sit in rows on the side of the courtroom. They wait for their cases to be heard and watch the court proceedings. I felt the stare of many in the courtroom while I cross examined the officer regarding the issue which I believed was excessive force used by the officer.

The job of the prosecutor is to represent the state. They are not there to advocate for the accused. A defense attorney won't win a popularity contest, but that is not their job. Their job is to advocate for their client, even though it might be unpopular.

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