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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Without the Recording...

Criminal defense attorneys speak to their clients about events that happened the night they were arrested. Often they are entirely different than what a police report reads. Tape recordings and videos are invaluable. Granted, sometimes they don't help your case, but many times they prove what your client said was true.

The clip below is a story that appeared on the Today show. It's not a criminal case, but it demonstrates a situation where the majority of people would not believe what they were being told. Cheyanne, a special needs student from Ohio told her parents that her teachers were being mean to her. The parents reported the abuse to the school. The school responded by stating the child was lying. The Superintendent said the parents were bordering on slander and harassment. At some point the parents sent the child to school with a tape recorder.

Listen to the tapes. It is disturbing beyond belief.  Would you have believed this girl without the recording?

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