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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Knowing When to Say No

My mother called me the other day and asked "Do you know when to say no?". She had been watching the case of People v. Conrad Murphy, the well known case against the doctor who administered Propofal to Michael Jackson at his home to help him sleep. The emergency doctor testified that his duty to a patient included the ability to recognize when something is outside of his area of practice. You call for help or you send the patient to a doctor who specializes in that area. The doctor testified that an emergency room doctor would never administer Propofal; the anesthesiologist would be called. Similarly, a  heart surgeon does not remove an appendix and a podiatrist does not test for allergies.

Most lawyers receive many phone calls throughout the course of the day. Their duty is the same. I get phone calls for a variety of issues. Recently a small business owner called with an issue with their bank. I don't sue banks. Someone else got fired from their job. Referred them to an employment attorney. Someone bought a house. Told them to find a real estate attorney and a good title insurance firm.

Nobody likes to turn away business. However, sometimes the duty to your client requires it.

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