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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New requirement at the North Carolina DMV: A Library Card

Regardless of how many people warn you about your first trip to the DMV in Charlotte, nothing will quite prepare you for it. My mother-in-law recently moved to Charlotte from California. My husband and I both tried to adequately prepare her for the experience she was about to encounter at the Arrowood Road location. Putting aside the Ritz Carlton customer service she received, she subsequently walked out of the location with nothing really accomplished except an appointment in one month to take her driver's license exam and the corresponding license handbook to study.
The Library Card Requirement:
The DMV now requires you to sign for the handbook and informs you that you must return the handbook within two weeks of you signing for it. My mother in law asked the obvious question- "Can't I just return it when I take my exam in one month." The response: "No. It must be returned within two weeks."
The Penalty for an Overdue Handbook
Unknown. I asked my mother-in-law what the penalty was if it wasn't returned within the stated time period. She stated that she was afraid at that point to ask any more questions. I assured her as my mother-in-law I would defend her in any subsequent prosecution surrounding the late return of the DMV Handbook.


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