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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

When can my attorney appear for me in court?

Two of the most common questions asked by clients is "Can you appear for me?" and "Will I have to go to court?". My answer is a typical lawyer answer- depends.
An attorney can appear for you on most traffic offenses. The more serious the offense, the less likely the attorney will be able to appear for you. Here is a link to the page that describes what offenses require your appearance.
If you are facing of a general misdemeanor offense in Mecklenburg County, an example is driving while intoxicated or driving while license revoked, an attorney can appear for you at the administrative trial setting date. In Mecklenburg County this occurs on the first floor in courtroom 1130. If the case does not settle in 1130, the case is set for trial. Once this date is set, your presence will likely be required.


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