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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mail Road Rage in Charlotte?

Have you noticed how your mail is delivered in some areas of Charlotte? Here is the scene: unmarked car, driver without uniform and a small obscure US MAIL sign hanging off one part of the car. Driver of the vehicle is sitting in the passenger seat with his/her left leg operating the accelerator and break pedals, left hand is holding the steering wheel, while right leg is on the passenger side and right arm is stuffing mailboxes. Does anyone else see this as a public safety issue? In our community, the mail delivery car swerves across yellow lines and medians to deliver mail on both sides of the street, performing an urban jungle cross county motion. Yesterday I saw a mail car driving on a heavily traveled road with two wheels on the sidewalk and two wheels on the road. My old hometown had marked USPS cars with the steering wheel on the passenger side. They also wore uniforms. I just find the Charlottean system of sub-contracting this essential service to be highly unusual at best and a public safety issue at worst.

I tried to find a video of this on You Tube, but no luck. I did find this video on how to speed up your mail delivery- interesting, but a lot of work. However, if you subscribe to an online stamp company, like (my free endorsement), they do all the work for you.
Anyway, more legal stuff next time.


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