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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Football Coach Suspended- Is Winning Ever Wrong?

A criminal defense lawyer works for their client. They should work hard. A District Attorney works for the state. They should work hard to protect the public. At  no point should either party say "well, lets give the other side a chance." You do your job and you should do it well. You must fight for your client.

Needless to say I was a bit shocked by an article that said a high school football coach was suspended for allowing his high school team to win by too much of a margin. According to the article, the coach was suspended for running up the score by allowing team members to continuing passing in the 4th quarter, culminating in a final score of 75-7. The coach stated that it was Senior night and he let those players that had not caught passes yet this season to stay in the game. The losing team's coach said "you're kidding" when hearing about the suspension.

I question the message this sends to young people. Of course the losing team is embarrassed. However, disappointment is part of life. Both coaches shook hands after the game. You play hard. You play fair. Like the coach said- "I always shake a man's hand, before and after, win or lose." Am I the only person that thinks this suspension is crazy?

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