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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Speeding Ticket in Charlotte? Consider Insurance Points.

Callers to my law office after receiving a speeding ticket in Mecklenburg and surrounding counties often ask whether their ticket will affect their driving record.

"What can you do to help me? I don't want any point on my driving record." It is understandable, as all of us wish to maintain good driving records. But drivers need to be aware that points on their driving record are likely to also increase their cost of insurance.

Driver records are maintained by the DMV.  The DMV will assess points on driving records for moving violations. Separately, auto insurers will review DMV records and establish auto insurance rates. Insurance rates can be increased when a person is convicted of a traffic offense, specifically a moving violation.

North Carolina regulates car insurance rates. There is a reward for being a good driver in North Carolina. If a person is convicted of speeding 10 mph or less (not in a school zone) and there is not a moving violation in the past 3 years, no insurance points will be assessed. This is a situation where driving points will be assessed, however no insurance increase will result.

I often encourage people to review the North Carolina Consumer Guide to Automobile Insurance. You can view it here. Page 8 and 9 are most helpful.

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