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Friday, September 19, 2014

Do I Have To Come To Court For My Traffic Ticket?

Question: Do I need to come to court for my traffic ticket?

Police Officers issue hundreds of tickets daily in Charlotte. If the speed is over 15 mph, the police officer will likely state "Your appearance is mandatory. You can't pay this ticket online."  

However, most traffic tickets can be handled by an attorney without the defendant coming to court. NCGS 7A-148 acknowledges the necessity for courts to operate efficiently. As such, the North Carolina court system has a specific list of traffic tickets that can be resolved by an attorney without the client being present. A simple one page waiver signed by the client is sufficient for the court. 

The Law Office of Carilyn Ibsen is familiar with this process. Clients are very relieved to hear that they will not need to take a day off work or travel from another state to have their ticket resolved. Many times these tickets can be resolved with an outcome that prevents any insurance increase. 

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