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Thursday, November 26, 2009

DWI/DUI Breathalyzer- A NC Christmas Gift

Looking for a Christmas gift for a loved one? I was looking through the Black Friday Christmas ads this Thanksgiving morning and came upon a stocking stuffer on sale at OfficeMax. For $49.99 you can purchase a Backtrack Personal Breathalyzer, a small breathalyzer that estimates your blood alcohol content in seconds. To learn more,  click here

Before you get excited, let me caution you. Sobriety on roadways is a serious issue. I found it ironic that this was being advertised at a store that sells office products. Moreover, alcohol detection devices are scientific instruments. They need to be treated with care, calibrated often, and operated by those who have been trained to use it. They do not always give a true reading. Whether the breathalyzer was operated correctly and in good working condition at a time a person was arrested is a central issue in any DWI/DUI case in North Carolina. When I was a prosecutor, I spent time at the crime lab being trained on the machine and learned about the process behind them. It was an excellent way to learn about the machine, and more importantly, how it failed.

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