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Friday, July 31, 2009

A Carolina working mom traffic ticket story

A friend of mine recently called and said she received a ticket in York County, South Carolina. She wanted to know what her options were. Almost two years ago she recieved a ticket in Gaston County, North Carolina. Being a busy working mom with two kids and under time constraints, she just sent the money in for the Gaston County ticket. Her insurance immediately went up; her insurance company told her that the increase was due to her admission of guilt to a speeding violation that was over a certain miles per hour. This is a person with a very good driving record! Many blogs can be written on the various reasons insurance companies raise your premiums.

However, the DMV did not suspend her license. This brings up another point. When you get a moving violation, not only do you need to be concerned with your insurance premium, but also what the DMV will do with your license. They can suspend your license in North Carolina for violations which many would view as minor. For example, the NC DMV can suspend your license for driving 15 mph over the speed limit when driving at a speed higher then 55 mph. So, if you are leaving Charlotte to head for the beach for the weekend, your license could be suspended if you are caught doing 70 mph on the Interstate. Some police will also cite you for reckless driving.


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