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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Forced Blood Draws- A Video

Simple Justice "But for the Video, This won't hurt (me) a bit" has an eye opening video depicting several arrested for DWI/DUI undergoing a forced blood draw. It highlights the controversy around forced blood draws in DWI/DUI cases. The recent Missouri case handed down by the US Supreme Court paves the way for the necessity of a warrant in forced blood draws, however a warrant does nothing to diminish the severity of strapping citizens down, putting them in a head hold and forcing a needle in their arm.

I have blogged on the practice of forced blood draws. As a Deputy District Attorney, I handled these cases regularly and showed videos of them during jury trials. It is hard to describe how extreme, and in the words of Simple Justice, "barbaric" they are.  This video, although eight minutes in length, is worth watching.

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