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Saturday, April 2, 2011

A New Name In Town

Governor Purdue signed a new law into effect this week that changes the name of the State Bureau of Investigation. Now called the North Carolina Crime Laboratory, the agency will have to meet higher standards than before in an attempt to "raise the competency, integrity and standards at the lab".  Read about the controversy here.

This news prompted me to see what other organizations have changed their names to hide from bad reputations. Here are some:

  1. Blackwater to Xe- This resulted from the government's use of a private organization for military purposes in Iraq. 
  2. Phillip Morris to Altria- the name was changed after a lawsuit over a women's death. 
  3. ValuJet to Airtran- This occurred after a plane crash that killed all 110 people on board. 
  4. WorldCom to MCI
  5. Andersen Consulting to Accenture- this was actually changed before any controversy. They were forced to change their name after a branch of the company split from Andersen Accounting. It helped them in the end when the original Andersen Accounting was discredited in the Enron scandal. 
Let me know if you know of others. 

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