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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Unexpected Probation Violation

Any domestic violence case is complicated- especially when someone is convicted. North Carolina sentencing guidelines permit judges to impose a jail sentence and suspend that jail sentence for a term of probation. Many defendant's choose this option because it avoids immediate jail time. However, to the surprise of many, if one violates probation by not doing a court ordered program, fails to pay mandatory court fines or commits a new offense, that jail sentence can be imposed.

Well known singer Chris Brown was on Good Morning America this morning. Many are reporting that he became angry after questions were posed to him by Robin Roberts about his domestic violence case. He allegedly left the set after singing only one song, proceeded to break a window and cause a general disturbance. Now there is a possibility that his probation could be revoked and he would be sent back to jail. The interview is below.

The point is that it's important for people to understand that probation does not mean the case is over. A case is not closed when you are on probation. The only time a case is truly over is when the case is dismissed.

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