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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Texting Crosses All Generations

Texting while driving became illegal in December 2009. I think many of us assume that it is the teenagers and college students texting. I was surprised to read these statistics in the Charlotte Observer today-

Approximately 1200 drivers have been ticketed for texting while driving. Mecklenburg County had 114 citations issued. Here is the breakdown of those tickets by age:
16-25: 612 tickets
26-35: 379 tickets
36-45: 192 tickets
46-55: 59 tickets
56-65- 15 tickets
66-75- 2 tickets

This article references one of the two individuals in the 66-75 year old range. Priscalla Blake, 67, was cited after she dropped her daughter off at college in Wilmington.
Ms. Blake told the officer she was texting and accepted her ticket. I guess the baby boomer generation, the Gen- X and whatever the current generation is called have more in common than originally thought.

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