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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Sicilian Man's New Year's Resolution

Too much time with the family this past Christmas and New Year?  I saw this article online at and thought I would start the 2010 blog on a lighter note. Are you familiar with the game 'would you rather'? So, would you rather spend New Years Eve with relatives or spend a night in jail? An Italian man chose the latter.

When faced with the task of spending yet another night with family on New Years Eve, this 35 year old man walked himself into the local police department and asked to be arrested, because he did not want to spend New Years Eve with family. The police told him they could not arrest him because they had no reason to believe he had committed a crime. The man then left the police department and immediately went next door to a cigarette shop. He allegedly threatened the store owner with a box cutter while grabbing some food. He then waited for the police to arrive and was arrested.

While family can be challenging at times, this conduct can rise to the legal definition of a robbery in North Carolina with severe punishment and consequences.  However, it does reach a new level of what people are willing to do to avoid seeing the in-laws...

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