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Friday, January 15, 2010

CMPD DWI Checkpoints

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police were out in force last night. According to the Charlotte Observer, CMPD set up a DWI Checkpoint at the 600 Block of East 7th Street near North McDowell Street. After issuing 40 charges, including 12 DWI arrests, CMPD closed up shop.

DWI Checkpoints cannot be set up on a whim. They must adhere to strict constitutional standards set forth by not only the North Carolina appellate courts, but also the US Supreme Court. Interestingly enough, DWI checkpoints have different guidelines than a simple general license checkpoint. If you were arrested as a result of a DWI checkpoint or any checkpoint set up by a police department, it is important that you have an attorney review your case. I had a case dismissed based upon a lack of probable cause to arrest by CMPD resulting from my client being stopped at a license checkpoint.

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