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Saturday, October 17, 2009

New NC Laws: Smoking in Bars, Car DVD players and Beer Samples

North Carolina passed 618 new laws this year. I thought I would highlight some of my personal favorites; Smoking in Bars, Car DVD players and Beer Samples at your local grocery store.

Effective immediately, it is illegal to watch a TV or glance at any TV or DVD player while driving your vehicle. Also banned is gazing at a laptop while driving. However it is still legal to look at your GPS, any navigational system, or audio system in your car. Confused? Lawmakers clarified this by stating video displays "that enhance the driver's view in any direction, inside or outside the vehicle" is legal. So, if I am looking at a map on my laptop- is that illegal?

However, texting and reading email while driving is still legal until December 1st when the new statewide ban takes affect. I wrote an earlier post on this law. I'm still perplexed- As of December 1st, I can't read email while driving but I can type in an address on my cell phone's navigational system and stare at the map without breaking the law.

Beer Samples
Do you enjoy wine samples at the local supermarket? Now you might get a beer sample with that wine sample. Samples will be limited to a 2 oz cup for legal drinkers only. Don't Sample Drink and Drive..

Smoking in Restaurants
This is probably the most controversial one. Starting January 1st, 2010 a restaurant patron will not be able to puff away at any restaurant or bar.

Checkout the Charlotte Observer article for more. There are some good ones- don't be impersonating the Sha Na Na band,  a impersonation that could cost you 15k!

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Anonymous tyre changers said...

Well,i guess this is to make sure that every driver is focus on driving while on the road.It will help to lessen some cause of car accidents like texting while driving.

March 22, 2010 at 10:05 PM  

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